Welcome to Stacker

What is Stacker?

Stacker allows you to create instant apps you can use to share data with and interact with your customers, partners, students, staff or anyone else.
Stacker lets you make apps that look like this:
Or like this:


Here's a quick demo of what Stacker can do.
You can see more tutorial videos on our Learn page​

Stacker is a different way

Stacker is an alternative to building apps. Instead of building an app by writing code, or using no-code app builders, we've created a flexible app platform. We've already built the app you wanted to create for you, now you just need to configure Stacker to make it fit your exact requirements.

What features does Stacker have?

Stacker already has the features that every app needs:
    Support for the data you already have in Airtable and Google sheets
    Lists to display data
    Forms to collect or edit data
    User management, registration & login

Is it a mobile app?

Stacker works on mobile, tablets and desktop.

Does Stacker store my data?

You can connect the data you already have from Airtable or Google Sheets.

How much does Stacker cost?

Stacker's pricing plans are available on our website.
If you have any questions about pricing then don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.
Last modified 8mo ago