Managing Multiple Apps

Viewing your current apps and how to create/add new apps.

Viewing portals associated with your account

You can find a list of all of your apps, associated with the account that you're currently logged into, by clicking on the My apps link in your user menu within one of your apps.

Or by going directly to

[Your portal URL]/admin/account/apps

Your current app will be highlighted and you are able to navigate to your other apps by clicking on the item.

Creating new apps

If you wish to create a new app, this can be done on the My apps page (see above). Click on the create a new app button and you will be taken to the app setup page.

You will be asked to enter your Airtable API key again. Please make sure that you do not re-generate your Airtable API key. Navigate to your Airtable account page and click on the API key input box and it will be revealed for you to copy.