Password Protected Sharing Links

We support password protected Airtable bases

In Airtable you can generate a sharing link that requires a password to access (more secure than the normal link where anyone with the link can see the whole base) - we can now support them.

We do NOT support other restrictions - e.g. a sharing link that only works for users with a certain email address, etc.

  • When you are setting up your app, at the "Connect your Airtable" step, there is a new link "My shared base link is password protected". Click on this link which will open a "Your shared base password"

  • Fill in the password there and everything should work as normal.

  • If you ALREADY have a portal and would like to ADD a password:

  • Setup home β†’ App settings β†’ "Password protected Airtable base"

  • Fill in and save your password from there.

In Airtable you set the password under Share β†’ Shared base link β†’ Restrict access with a password.

We store the user passwords securely in our database. They don't get synced back to the Airtable.