Managing Your Subscription

We currently do not have a self-service account management area.

Subscribing an App

All plans (except Team) are for a single app. For information on how to subscribe to and launch your app, follow the guide below:

For information on our plans:

Upgrade your current plan

To upgrade to another plan, please contact support and let them know the name of your app and which plan you would like to upgrade to.


Each month, all invoices are sent to the email on file for the subscription (this is the email address you subscribed with - this may be different from the email you use to login to your app.)

You can also contact support to request a copy of your past invoices or to update the email address or payment information on file.


Before cancelling, we encourage users to contact support with any questions or concerns about their app. We would be happy to schedule a call to help find the best solution for your use-case.

Please note that deleting an app does not automatically cancel a subscription. To cancel an app subscription, please contact support.