Standard & Advanced Permissions
Learn how to manage permissions in Stacker to deliver the right experience for every user of your app.
Stacker has many a lot of settings that work together to control the experience of your users.
In all Stacker editions you can control:
    Field permissions
    Tables which are enabled/disabled
    Record permissions: e.g. show my users only their records
    Data filters: e.g. only show records with Status = Published in Stacker
    Navigation bar

Standard Permissions

Standard Permissions, which are available in every app, allow the configuration of all permissions settings on an app wide basis. This means that all users of your app will get the same permission rules applied to them.
    All users have the same experience.
    All users will see the same navigation bar.
    A single permission rule can apply to each table, which will apply to all users.

Advanced Permissions

​Advanced Permissions, which are available in our Pro portals include all the features of Standard Permissions but additionally add:
    Multiple user roles - different types of users can have different experiences in your app: see different tables, fields, records.
    Page permissions to control what is seen on the navigation bar.
    Multiple permission rules per table - more complex requirements can be met such as allow users to edit their profile record and view all other profile records.
Last modified 1yr ago