Create Forms
We've redesigned the create forms to be based on a single column of fields with the save button at the bottom. The form uses the same fields widget from the records page and allows you to specify:
    Sections with headings and descriptions
    Field labels to override field names
    Field descriptions to provide guidance to your users
Create forms also support conditional visibility which updates whether widgets are displayed based on the values of other fields on the record. This happens live as your users type which allows you to ask conditional follow on questions in your create form.
You can also set a required field in your create form so that the form will only save if the user fills this in correctly.
Go to edit pencil in the field:
Tick the 'Required checkbox:
Note: new create forms are automatically enabled in newly created apps. To enable them in your existing app please contact support.
If you are getting an error message "Sorry, there was an error saving your record. Please try again."
If you want your users to be able to create records and those records are being permissions based on who the user is, you must set the created by field otherwise they wonโ€™t be able to create records. You must have CREATE permissions on the created by field.
Last modified 1yr ago
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