List Pages
List pages let you show data in list or card formats
Lists of your records are a core part of Stacker. This is an example of a list of customers.

List Page Settings

You can configure the settings for a list page when in Design Mode by clicking on the Layout button in the top right hand corner of your nav.
    Filters - which records are displayed
    Sort - which order records are displayed
    Cover image - which field should be used as the image for each record in the list
    Display - the style of list to use (table, card or one record only)
    Fields - which fields to show in the list
    Title - the heading that appears at the top of the list


This will only affect which records are displayed on the list. This won't limit which records are accessible to users, this should be done via Permissions.
Filters can be used to limit the records that are displayed. This is the first option in the sidebar.
You can combine multiple conditions using AND logic, so that a particular record is only displayed if the record meets all of the criteria in the filter.
If you want to change the field you are filtering on you will need to use the Delete button to remove that part of the filter


Sort determines the order of records in a list. This is the second option in the sidebar just underneath the filters. You can sort by a single field including fields that are not displayed on your list.
Sorting on fields with types other than text or number might lead to surprising results.
If you impersonate and sorting has not been applied, please make sure that the permissions have been correctly set for the sort field.


We've added beautiful headers to Stacker lists. On any list you can now add a header image, a title and a description. Not only do they make your app look awesome, they really help your users to better understand the context of the list they are looking at.

Cover image

Cover image allows you to select a field with an image in to display on the list. This is displayed differently depending on the Display setting of the list:
    Table displays the cover image in a circle at the start of the first column.
    Card displays the cover image above each card.
If you select a field with multiple attachments then the first attachment in the field will be shown.
Images need to be saved as an attachment field in your Airtable base.


There are Five display modes for a list.
    Card - displays a grid of cards (three cards wide) with each field as a row in the card.
    Rows - displays in a list.
    Board - display records in a Kanban Style board.
    Table - displays a table of data with each field as a column.
    One Record Only - displays the first record of the list (determined by the sort order of the list) and uses the layout from the record's detail page.


All of your enabled fields are displayed in the left hand sidebar. Enabling them will show them in the list. Re-ordering them (by dragging them) will change the order they appear in the table or card.
If a field is missing then it might not have been Enabled.


You can change the title of your list by clicking the title when in Design Mode.
The title of a list is not the same as the title that appears in the navigation bar for the list.
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