Table Data Filters
Restrict the data that appears in Stacker by adding a data filter to your table
Data filters restrict the data that Stacker uses in your app. Data filters are applied before any other filters (like list filters or permissions filters) so they are the easiest way to put a hard restriction on the data that appears in Stacker.

Why use data filters

    Use data filters when you want to restrict the data for all users in your app.
    When a condition can be specified to filter the data e.g. Status = Published, City = Paris etc.

How to use data filters

Data filters are configured in the table settings. From Setup Home select the table, and then expand the Data Filters section of the settings screen.
You can add multiple filters to the same table.
Be aware:
    The filters are all applied using AND logic, so each filter you add is more restrictive.
    If you want to use OR logic in your filter (e.g. Active = True OR Project = Internal) then create a new field in your source data system that can calculate this. Then you can filter on that field in your data filter.
Using table data filters can decrease the load times on your app.
Last modified 5mo ago