Action Buttons (Beta)
With this feature you can create custom action buttons on your detail pages that perform updates on the current record. This feature is currently in Beta.
Please contact support to get this enabled on your app.

Showing the Buttons

To make the buttons visible, navigate to a record detail page and click the edit Layout button in the navigation bar to enter edit mode. You'll see a Page Buttons option in the side bar:
Click that and you'll see a list of all the available buttons that can be displayed for this record type:
From this screen, you can toggle buttons on and off (including the normal Edit button). You can add new actions directly from this screen.
Custom actions appear at the top of your record pages like this:
Clicking on a custom button will display a popup where the user can fill out the relevant fields:

Adding or Editing an Action

This is the screen you will see when adding a new action or editing an existing one.
The Display Name is what will appear on the button.
The Steps area currently only lists a single Update Record step, but in the future other step types will be supported.
The Title and Description boxes are optional. If specified they control the Title bar and introductory text of the popup box that is displayed when the action button is clicked.

Editing the Update Record Step

For this beta launch, only a single Update Record step is supported. When you click on the Update Record step, you'll see a screen like this:
Use this screen to choose which fields should be updated when this action button is clicked.
If you click the Pencil icon on a field, you can configure some options pertaining to how this field is handled.
    Here you can specify an optional Label which will override the default field name.
    You can choose a manual value to apply to the field.
    You can choose to allow the user to edit the value in the popup box.
    Note: if this box is checked, then if you specified a value in the previous step, that will be supplied as a default, and the user can change it. If this option is not checked, then the field will not be displayed to the user and the specified value will be set 'behind the scenes'.
    If the user is allowed to edit, you can require that this field is supplied before saving.
Additionally you can specify visibility conditions by clicking on the Eye icon to control when this button should be visible. These conditions can be based on field values for the current record (ie., only show this button when the Status field is X).
They can also be based on the current user's role:

Managing Actions

Actions are defined on a per-table bases. From the settings page of any table, click the Actions tab:
From this screen you can add, edit, duplicate, and delete actions relevant to the current table.
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