When enabled, an Activity tab will be displayed on each record detail page where your users can leave comments about the record and react to comments from others:

Turning the Feature On

Go to Setup Home - App Settings and check the collaboration to turn the feature on.
The feature is then enabled per-record type. From a record detail page, enter Edit mode by clicking the pencil button in the top right-hand corner:
In the Layout bar on the left, toggle the Enable Comments option:
That's it! The Activity tab will now be available when viewing records of this type.

Feature Details


There is now a notification icon in the menu bar that will signal when someone has reacted to your post, added a post to a record you are following (see Following, below), or mentioned you in a post.


Users can "mention" each other in comments by typing the @ symbol and the first letter of the recipients name. This will trigger a notification to the mentioned user.
Note: a user is only able to mention someone if he or she has the permissions to view that other user's record.


You can opt to receive notifications when anyone posts on a particular record by toggling the Follow option to the right of the Activity tab:
Whenever you make comment on a record, this toggle will automatically be enabled for you. You can turn it off if you do not want to receive notifications of new activity on this record.
Last modified 1yr ago