Custom CSS
We now offer a custom CSS editor as part of the Pro plan.
Once you have signed up for the Pro plan, when you go to the Appearance page (/admin/theme or go to setup home and click on the Appearance card at the bottom of the page) then you will have access to the CSS editor at the bottom of the page
CSS editor in action
The editor contains auto complete and has error checking. You will see that the autocomplete is dynamic so that you can quickly search for fields and pages to style.
Clicking Save Custom CSS will instantly update the CSS on the page.

Current Class List

This is the list of top level classes in the application. We also add style/table/page and field namespacing so that you are able to target specific elements if you need to.
    Page - stk-page
    List page - stk-list-page
    Record detail page - stk-detail-page
    Record create page - stk-create-page
    Login page - stk-login-page
    Reset password text - stk-reset-password-link
    Register text - stk-register-text
    Login Text - stk-login-text
    Register Page - stk-register-page
    Header outer (includes secondary navigation) - stk-header-outer
    Header - stk-header
    Secondary navigation - stk-secondary-navigation
    Logo - stk-logo
    Main navigation - stk-navigation
    Navigation Item - stk-navigation-item
    User menu - stk-user-menu
    Content - stk-content
    Button - stk-button
    Heading - stk-heading
    Text - stk-text
    Input - stk-input
    Cards - stk-cards
    Card - stk-card
    Card link - stk-card-link
    Card field - stk-card-field
    Table - stk-table
    Table header - stk-table-header
    Table header cell - stk-table-header-cell
    Table row - stk-table-row
    Table cell - stk-table-cell
    List search - stk-list-search
    Inline filters - stk-inline-filters
    Field - stk-field

Ignoring the CSS

If you wish to see the page without the css applied, you can pass the parameter ?ignore_css=1 to the url
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