Custom Domains
How to setup your custom domain to work with Stacker
Custom domains allow a further level of professionalism from your app, and are available on our Pro plan as part of our white-labelling feature.
Once you have subscribed to a Pro plan:
    Create a new DNS record with your domain host either:
      CNAME record and point from @ to (some domain hosts such as GoDaddy and Google do not support this)
      A record pointing from @ to
    Go to setup home (/admin) and click on App settings (/admin/account/portal). Then go to the custom domain section, enter your domain and hit save
If you are unable to create a top level cname record for @. You need to create an A name record for @ pointing to
You cannot have multiple A or CNAME records for @
You can find out more information on our plans here.โ€‹
Last modified 1yr ago
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