Cache Frequency
Fetch updates in your data into your app even faster than before

How does data update in Stacker?

Data which changes in Stacker is synced to your database immediately. When updates are made directly in the database, we automatically sync them into stacker every 15 minutes. We have recently released some features which allow us to sync the data every 5 minutes, and even faster in certain scenarios.

How can I upgrade to the 5-minute sync?

Fast data sync will be a paid add-on to your existing Stacker, priced at $79 monthly. We are still ironing out our automatic upgrade process. While we do, please contact support using the chat bubble or email us using the link below and we'll be happy to help you get set up.
Schema changes are updated every 24 hours, you can also update this manually by running a manual update.
Last modified 6mo ago