User Registration & Login
How your users can register for and login to your app
Stacker comes with everything you need for registering and logging in your users.

Registration page

Every portal has a register page which is at /register.
There are two registration modes for a Stacker app.
    Allowed-list only (this is the default). Only users that are already in your data source can register to access your portal. Specifically this means that only email address which exist in the email address column of your user table can register.
    Open sign up. Anyone can register for your app and get immediate access.
To change your users registration preferences go to Setup Home - User Settings - Registration - expand - choose from the drop down menu.
The registration flow for all users is as follows:
    Visit the registration page. (i.e
    Insert email address and press register.
    Receive an email confirmation to verify that they are the owner of this email address.
    Click the link in the email to set their password.
    The user is now registered and logged in
There are some ways you can shorten this registration flow by using:
The email confirmation uses the brand color and your logo. For example it might look like this:
If a user tries to re-register after they are already registered then Stacker will send a password reset email.

Login page

Every portal has a login page which is at /login. Only users who have registered for the portal are able to login.

Forgot password

If your users forget their passwords they can reset them using the links on the login page.
We store the user passwords securely in our database. They don't get synced back to the Airtable.
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