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How you can use Sharing Links to access your portal without registering and without setting a password
A Sharing Link allows users to instantly access their portal without registering or setting a password. All the information to access the app is included within the link and authentication is done directly. This means that the link is sensitive information, as anyone with the link can access the app.
To find a user's Sharing Link, navigate to the Users page (Setup Home > Users) and click on the '...' next to the user you want to send a link to:
Then you can copy the link that is displayed.
Bulk Sharing Links
If you would like to bulk invite using sharing links, you can export the sharing links back into your base and then mail merge them with whatever tools you might use for emailing.
Alternatively, you can bulk invite without sharing links by simply writing an email containing the /register URL for your portal. Unlike sharing links, this method will require users to register and set a password before logging in.
To bulk invite users using sharing links, follow the steps below:
1) Create the sharing link field in your Airtable base.
This field needs to be a text type field in Airtable.
If you've just added the field in your Airtable base, you will need to run an Airtable Update in your Stacker app and enable the field in the app settings.
2) In your Stacker app, navigate to Sharing Link feature in User Settings (Setup Home > User Settings). Select 'enable sharing link' and select the field where you would like your links to populate.
The data can take up to an hour to populate.
Once this field is selected, the sharing link for each user will automatically be exported to the specified column in your base/sheet.
There are various tools that can be used to set up an automation to send sharing links via email. However, Airtable's automation features seems to be the simplest and fastest method. If you'd like to incorporate this step, it is important to set up the automation before the sharing link field is populated.
Add a new automation and set the TRIGGER to 'when a record is updated'. Select the User table and the sharing link field. This way the automation will run when the sharing link field is updated.
Then set the ACTION to send an email or gmail containing each users unique sharing link. Do this by inserting the appropriate field values from the User table.
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