Change Theme & Logo
Stacker allows you to customize the appearance of you app to match your brand.
You can set:
    A brand color
    A logo
    An icon
    A navigation bar color

Brand color usage

The brand color is used:
    To highlight the active item in the navigation bar
    On the buttons in your app
    On the login and register pages
    As a background color on the navigation bar if it is set to Brand.

Logo usage

The logo is used:
    In the navigation bar
    On the login and register pages

Icon usage

The icon is only used as your favicon, the image you upload should be square. This is the image that appears on the browser tab when visiting your app.
The navigation bar color setting gives you three themes for your app navigation bar:
These options affect the background color of the navigation bar and make them look like this:

Setting your branding settings

When you setup an app you get chance to set your branding settings. You can also do this afterwards.
Go to the settings cog located next to the pencil icon on the top right, select Setup Home in the dropdown menu, scroll to the bottom of the page where you should see Appearance.
Here you can upload your icon, logo, insert your brand color and choose your navigation bar color. Press Save Theme when complete.
Last modified 1yr ago