Configure Navigation
How to change and control the navigation bar
Your navigation bar is the backbone to your app, it is how your users can switch between the different pages you have created.
You can edit the navigation bar by going to the cog settings icon next to the pencil in the top right.
    Click on settings cog in top right next to pencil icon
    This will bring a drop down menu, select Configure Navigation
You can then:
    Enable menu items using the toggle switches
    Rename menu items using the pencil next to each item
    Re-order menu items using the grab handles to drag and drop

Setting your homepage

The homepage of your app is the first item that appears in your navigation menu, you can see this marked with the home icon in the navigation menu editor.

Changing the homepage

Open the navigation menu editor and drag the item you'd like to be the homepage to the top of the list.
Be aware:
    The first item in the navigation bar will be the homepage for your users, even if it is not enabled.
    If you would like to have different navigation bars for some of your users then this is available as part of the Advanced Permissions feature.
    If using Advanced Permissions the homepage for your users will be the first item in your navigation bar that your users have access to.
To create a secondary navigation please see Multiple list pages.
Last modified 1yr ago