Enabling and Disabling data
How to enable new tables and fields for use in your Stacker app
When you add new tables or fields to your data source Stacker will pick these up the next time you run an update -- or automatically every 24 hours. However for the security of your data we will not enable any of these fields in your app automatically. This means if you want to use any of the new tables or fields you've created you will need to manually enable them in Stacker.

Enabling a Table

From Setup Home click on the Select Tables button.
Then click the toggle switch next to the table you want to enable.
Finally click Done. You will notice your table immediately appears in your navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Enabling Fields

To enable a new field navigate to the settings screen for the table, you will find this by clicking on Settings from Setup Home next to the table name.
Then click Expand next to the Configure Fields section.
And finally select the fields you want to enable.
Your changes are automatically saved.
Last modified 1yr ago