Prepare Your Data
How to prepare your data before connecting it to Stacker
In order to use your data with Stacker, you should check the following things
    Do I have a table containing my users?
    Have I got links connecting my data?

User table

The users that will be able to log into your app will all come from a table in your app.
All you need in this table with a name column and an email address column.
This doesn't need to be a specially created table! As long as it has a name and email address, you can use any existing table.
Airtable Example
Google Sheets Example

Links connecting my data

To make the most of Stacker, your data should be linked appropriately, to allow Stacker to surface the relevant information to your users
In Airtable
In Google Sheets
In Airtable, you should use the linked field type to connect your data.
Stacker will work even if "Allow linking to multiple records" is selected
To link two tables, you will need a column in one which can act as an identifier in the other, so that Stacker can "look up" the value in the other table. For example, in this orders table, the Customer Email field can be used to look up the right record in the Customer table

Linking to the user table

Any data where you want to restrict the users access to certain records needs to have a link to the to the table you'll be using for your users.
This can be a link directly to the User table, or indirectly to another table that is linked directly to the User table.
For example: if you have Users, Projects and Tasks, there if there is a direct link from User to Project, then a direct link from Tasks to Projects would mean that Users and Tasks are indirectly linked.
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