Setup your App
There are some steps that are required after you create your app to make it work correctly. We're working to automate these but for now they are manual and must be completed before your app will work.

Specify your data types

To get the most out of Stacker you need to tell Stacker which data type is stored in which column in your Worksheets. For example: is a column a date? or a piece of text? or a number?
You can do this from the Worksheet settings page. (Same place you set the ID field).
From Setup Home (you can access this via the Settings cog in the top right of every screen), select the Settings option for the first Worksheet.
Then press Expand next to Configure Fields.
Press on the cog next to each field.
Select the cog to configure the data type.
Select from the available data types in the box that pops up.
Select the data type appropriate for each column
Repeat this for every column on the Worksheet, and then for every Worksheet in your app.
You do not need to do this for columns that store text.

Set up relationships

If you have any relationships between your Worksheets then you can tell Stacker which column relates to which Worksheet.
If you had a Worksheet of Projects and then another Worksheet of Tasks, and each Task was related to one of the Projects. As long as the ID field of the Project is present in the Worksheet for the Task then Stacker can understand the relationship between Task and Project.
To setup relationships follow the instructions above to Specify your data types and then select Link to another record as the type.
Select Link to another record for relationships between Worksheets
Then pick which Worksheet the column relates to.
Select which Worksheet the column relates to
Press Save.
Repeat this process for all relationships that you have in your Sheet.
Last modified 1yr ago