The answers to frequently asked questions

How can I use a custom domain?

Custom domains allow a further level of professionalism from your portal, and are available on our Pro plan as part of our whitelabelling feature.

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Can I change my app's data source?

You cannot change the data source that an app is associated with. So it isn't possible to swap between Airtable and Google sheets, or to switch from one Airtable base to another.

If you need to make a change like this, you will need to make a new app to connect to the new base. Once you've created the new app, you can delete the previous one.

How do I Subscribe to Stacker?

When you are ready to subscribe to Stacker, simply click on the banner at the top of the screen to pick a subscription. Your portal will be upgraded as soon as your payment is completed.

Which Languages does Stacker Support?

Stacker is only currently available in English.

You can use data from your Airtable that is in any language, but the unchangeable parts of the interface are only shown in English.

We're keeping track of the languages that people would like us to add on this Feature Request. Vote and add a comment there and we'll do our best to expand our language support in future.

How do I allow different users to see different tables, menus & layouts within my app?

This functionality is now available as part of Advanced Permissions.

Stacker and GDPR

How Stacker complies with EU GDPR regulations?

From a GDPR standpoint we act in two capacities:

  • For the information from your Airtable (i.e. your customer's information), we act as Data Processor, and you remain the Data Controller. That means, for example, that if you customer wants to see all the information stored on them, or have it remove, it's your responsibility. That's because it remains in your Airtable, and we just surface it when the user visits the sites.

  • For your account information around your portal (for example, your login, your email, and the setup of your portal), we are the Data Controller and you should expect the same service from us as with any other SaaS product that you company uses.

All our servers are located within Europe.

Terms of use and privacy policy

To use Stacker you must agree to the Stacker Terms of Use which are available on our website:

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Additionally we have our Privacy Policy:

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And our Cookie Policy:

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Stacker Pricing Plan

Stacker is free to build for as long as you like. There is no trial expiration for the apps that you create. You only need to subscribe to Stacker to launch your app to your users.

Each of our plans only covers a single app.

You can go above 500 users, we have companies running with thousands of users. Please contact us with the amount of users you are anticipating and we can let you know more.

The main difference between the Plus and the Pro plan is that the Pro plan allows you to use a custom domain, and enables User Roles, which lets you set different permissions for different types of users.

The Starter Plan Explained

Single view per table

This means you only get one view per table.

Single Permission Rules

Single permission rule is per table too, so you can still share each table in the appropriate way but there are limitations to the complexity of the sharing model. This doesn't mean that all users see the same records, it means that the logic used to work out which records each user sees is the same across the user base. E.g. you can still have a rule like "let users edit their own record" or "let users see their own orders" etc

Find out more on how permissions work.​

Single User Roles

Single user role means that all users in your portal experience the same permissions. E.g. you might have a permission rule which is "All customers can see their own orders". This applies to all users of the portal.

Add additional admins to work on your app

You can find out more on adding admin here.