What information does Stacker store?

How does Stacker operate with respect to your privacy.

Airtable Data

We don't store any of your Airtable data on our systems. We just use the Airtable API to request data when the Airportal needs it to display it. This is similar to what Zapier does.

This applies to the email addresses of your portal users, they aren't stored in Airportal.

Airtable Metadata

We do store the schema, in other words, your table and field names and some other metadata related to them.

This additional metadata includes things like:

  • field types

  • the options in dropdown fields

  • the formatting style of number fields

Airportal Account Information

We store your name and email address you provide when you register. We also store the name of your portal.


If you have any questions about the information we store, please get in touch.