Example Use Cases

A list of example use-cases for Stacker apps

Wondering what you can build a Stacker app for? Lots of things! But here are some general examples:

  • A directory-type app, e.g. one where founders in an accelerator can curate their own profile, see the other founders, and find out what products theyโ€™re using in their company

  • A jobs-on-demand app, e.g. one where workers are assigned research tasks with a short brief and a due date

  • A catalogue of stuff, e.g. a list of spaces that someone might want to rent for a conference, and the ability to favourite, write notes, and enquire

  • A project tracking app, e.g. where SEO specialists can see the status of the clients they have, any tasks required for each client, and whatโ€™s assigned to them

  • An informational portal, e.g. where a wine collector can see the info about bottles being held for them, their estimated value etc.

  • A requests portal, e.g. where farmers can request for a drone company to take aerial photos of their fields, and see the results

  • A CRM-type portal, e.g. where a VC can see the companies who are applying to them, view the company info/pitch deck and see a history of any meetings they had with them.

  • An application form portal, e.g. where someone applying for government funding can sign up, fill our their application, and then see whether it had been accepted

  • A resource center portal, e.g. where a new student at a university can see all the local restaurants that give discounts, read helpful articles about campus, and see FAQ