The structure of a Stacker app

A brief run down of what is in your app

Setup Home

This is the admin page for you to access your data.

Quick Settings Menu

All settings for your app are accessible from the Setup Home page. However there are some settings that are much more commonly used, and that are useful in the context of the page you are on. These settings have been included in the Quick settings menu in the top right hand corner.

When the menu expands you get these options:

Table Settings

Modify the settings for the table you are currently viewing.

Table Permissions

Modify the permissions for the table you are currently viewing.

Impersonate Users

Login as your users to preview the app with their level of access.

Airtable or Google Sheets Update

Update the schema from Airtable or Google Sheets.

Setup Home

Go to Setup Home to see all options.


In the setup here you can do an Airtable Update, turn on and off your Tables.

You can also access the Settings and Permissions for your tables quickly.

The second half contains your Users and App Settings.

  • Users - See how many users you have, impersonate them, send them a welcome email or sharing link.

  • User Settings - Change your user table after you have completed onboarding you can do so in this section.

  • Roles - This is an Advanced Permissions feature only available with the Pro account.

'Powered by Stacker' can be removed from your portal if you have the Pro account, just send us a message if you would like that to be removed.